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  1. My name is Erica Fick, the Marketing Coordinator for Braun & Gresham, and Plateau Land and Wildlife Management, two local businesses located in Dripping Springs. I sent you an email a couple of days ago but have not heard anything back so I thought I’d try you here.

    I recently came across your website via the Hill Country Alliance’s Facebook page (we are good friends and colleagues with Christy) and was wondering- do you all ever accept content submissions?

    Braun & Gresham has a wealth of content through our blog ( and Plateau runs a quarterly newsletter ( that both cater to owners of rural land. I think that your readers would enjoy much of the content we produce.

    Two stories in particular that I’m thinking would be great additions to your publication right now are both related to the Hill Country hunting season that just started:

    Hunting Season is a Great Time To Consider a Risk Management Plan:

    Improve Your Dove Hunting Success This Season:

    Please let me know if we can be a resource to you and the Dripping Springs community!


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