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According to the 2010 Census, more than 30,000 residents actually call Dripping Springs home, and their children attend the Dripping Springs Independent School District (DSISD). However, as indicated by the current population signs, fewer than 2,000 actually live within the city limits.


If you’ve read the book – Around Dripping Springs – you already know the Dripping Springs, TX, area is overflowing with a fascinating past, a unique present, and a very bright future! Our people are interesting, innovative, and inspired. Business is booming. The economy is energized. Our schools are succeeding. Families and individuals are thriving.

What has been missing? Local, current, credible, daily coverage of all the exciting, emerging, and rapidly evolving changes taking place in Dripping Springs, and the surrounding communities of Driftwood and Henly! This is not Austin. As someone has cleverly observed, we are “west of Weird.” We get our fill of the Austin, Texas, and National news from thousands of existing sources.

Meanwhile, our newcomers are looking for ways to quickly engage with each other and with the community-at-large, while lifelong residents look for ways to keep up with all the new people, places, and things springing up around them. We all have in common the search for a credible, accessible, and current way to stay accurately informed about the increasing number of events happening immediately around us which affect our many interests, as well as our many concerns: things like education, recreation, dining, shopping, local government, environmental issues, banking, wellness, faith, fashion, real estate, retirement, news, traffic, weather, and local sports, activities, and events. Whew. There’s definitely nothing “sleepy” about living around Dripping Springs!

Not long ago, our Chamber of Commerce and City Hall launched a campaign called “Buy Local Buy Drippin’” to generate awareness and support for locally-owned and operated businesses and services. Building on that initiative, and working in concert with the the City and the Chamber, Around Dripping Springs is committed to continuing to raise the profile of locally-run businesses, whether they are home-grown, or local expressions of larger franchised businesses.

We believe that in order for all residents to more productively “live local” as citizens, neighbors, and consumers, we must be enabled to fully engage daily with each other, our city government, our businesses, our schools, our law enforcement, and our natural resources. To do so, we must have daily, uninterrupted access to an up-to-date dialogue and digest of news and information that is by us, for us, and specifically about us. In other words, HYPERLOCAL news and information!

For all these reasons, and because we have only just begun to grow as an extended community, our site has been intelligently and thoughtfully designed for the purpose of bringing us together into one community by providing local, current, and credible online coverage of the Dripping Springs, Driftwood, and Henly area. Our editorial plans for www.arounddrippingsprings.com include something for everyone, much like our beautiful Central Texas Hill Country location does.

So, once again, welcome to Around Dripping Springs!

Explore Around Dripping Springs online

Website: www.AroundDrippingSprings.com

Twitter: @AroundDS

Facebook: Facebook.com/AroundDrippingSprings

YouTube: YouTube.com/AroundDSTX

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