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Week of Online Giving 2015 April 19-26

Week of Online Giving 2015
April 19-26

The 2015 Givin’ Where I’m Livin’ (GWIL) campaign provides support and publicity for local non-profit charitable organizations competing for GWIL matching funds during the campaign’s Week of Online Giving, April 19-26. Around Dripping Springs is pleased to feature this series of GWIL non-profit profiles to help publicize their unique missions to the community. We invite you to get to know these wonderful organizers and learn more about the important work they are each doing to enrich our community. Please share their stories, and be sure to donate to your favorite during the Week of Online Giving! Learn more at:



The Friends Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization formed in 2003, is committed to helping the elderly in the greater Dripping Springs area. Patti Clark serves as President of The Friends Foundation.


We strive to enhance the quality of life for our area seniors by providing financial assistance and special programs, whether in a nursing home, an independent living center, or their own home.


Our Daily Bread, a three day a week hot meal home delivery program, has served over 31,000 hot meals to the home bound elderly in the last eight years. The meals are prepared at Hill Country Care and are appropriate for each client’s dietary needs. It is not only the meal but the friendly face and a moment of personal visiting that is important to our clients.

The Friends Foundation provides weekly screenings for blood pressure and osteoporosis at the Dripping Springs Senior Activity Center and at area events throughout Hays County because of our valued partnerships with the Dripping Springs Community Foundation, the Hays County Commissioners Court and the Burdine Johnson Foundation.

We provide Philips Lifeline Med-Alert Systems that give clients a way to summon help simply by pushing a button on a device worn as a necklace or bracelet.. This provides security to those seniors living independently in their homes.

The Friends Foundation provides financial assistance to qualifying area seniors to enhance their quality of life by providing dentures, eye glasses, and other medical needs not covered by Medicare or Medicaid; as well as, providing assistance with utility bills, rent, home repair issues, and other needs. We have also partnered with other organizations to equip homes with adaptive devices to make a safe and accessible environment for the client who still wants to live independently.

We are proud to partner with Hill Country Care Nursing and Rehabilitation Center to provide quality programs and activities to seniors who are in their care facility either for rehabilitation or for long term care. Additionally, we underwrite “Butterflies are Free”, a palliative care program for those who are nearing the end of their lives and information for their family members.

In partnership with the North Hays County Fire Rescue, we provide home visits to install and service smoke alarms in the homes of seniors in the greater Dripping Springs area. The Friends Foundation also assists seniors with applying for and installing illuminated address markers at driveway entrances to assist emergency workers who may be called for assistance. 


The Friends Foundation’s Our Daily Bread Hot Meal Delivery continues to add clients; our Philips Lifeline Program which allows seniors to live independently in their homes with the assurance that help can be summoned quickly if needed continues to grow; and our Financial Assistance Program requests have increased significantly over the last few years. Our goal is to continue to be able to serve the elderly who qualify for our many services.

The Friends Foundation is proud to contribute to monthly activities for the residents of Hill Country Care. The family Thanksgiving Feast, along with the HCC Halloween party, are two highlights for HCC residents and their families.

As a 100% volunteer non-profit organization, we have been able to make remarkable strides in meeting and exceeding our goal of assisting the elderly in our community thorough the hard work on the part of our volunteers, our annual silent and live auction fundraiser and BBQ, grants, and individual donations.  We would not be able to exist without the generous donations of entities that embrace our goal of helping the elderly.


For more information, contact Patti Clark at 894-0756, by

e-mail at, or visit our website at

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