Who needs rain? Mazama coffee shop showcases technology to turn air into water Reply

The water that comes out of the tap is ready to drink and absolutely delicious! It's better than anything I've tasted out of any tap or bottle. IncredibleAquavolve entrepreneur hopes to create hyperlocal water manufacturing for the world

You already know Mazama Coffee Company makes great coffee locally. But did you know they are making fresh water out of air this month in Dripping Springs?

Thanks to the Nerios.S3 air-to-water Eole machine from Aquavolve, installed in Mazama’s cozy outdoor courtyard throughout December, customers can enjoy crystal clear, free drinking water distilled out of thin air and available to taste from the countertop decanter set up inside. And customers who post a boast about the machine on social media are eligible to receive a free cup of Mazama coffee from Aquavolve. Founder and CEO of the Massachusetts-based Aquavolve, Dan Konstanty, says the creator of the “best post” will get a $25 Mazama gift card.

Hot Texas issue – Cool Texas technologyWater Aquavolve and Eole Water celebrating with a toast of Nerios.S3 water

The Nerios unit was developed by French inventor Marc Parent, founder of Eole Water, named after the French god of spring water.  American entrepreneur Dan Konstanty launched More…