Landowners look to Wildlife Exemption to ease Ag burdens Reply

As many Texas land owners struggle to maintain their Agricultural Exemption due to drought and a difficult economy, more and more are learning about an alternative that could help simplify their land management challenges.  

Wildlife Exemption: Compelling Alternative to Ag

By Tim Milligan

Let’s face it, maintaining an Agricultural valuation (“Ag exemption”) is a fact of life for many folks who own rural property in Texas. No one is in Ag because it’s easy, and lately, it’s a battle that more and more folks are either losing, or thinking about giving up.

For those of us in Ag, we’ve spent years meeting grazing requirements, cultivating crops, and spending time and money on efforts that normally yield nothing more than lower taxes.  All the while, we watch our once beautiful property slowly turn into something different than what is was when we started, and many of us feel like there’s nothing we can do about it because we need to maintain our tax savings.

Ag as a Way of Life

First let me say this: if you’re a legitimate producer and your Ag operation is part of your livelihood, this is not aimed at you.  I have the utmost respect for those who are willing to work that life so that the rest of us don’t have to.  Or, if you truly love Ag and, you’re managing fine, your property is not suffering and you are not More…

Meet Coach Lindsey Rock: Ready to roll with DSHS Tiger Swim Reply

Meet Lindsey Rock, a 34-year old California native who was named the 2012-2013 head swim coach for Drippings Springs High School, in the successful wake of recently retired coach, Andrea McCarthy. Rock says she is ready to roll with Tiger Swim, and the team is already off to a winning start.

DSHS athletes swam in their first meet of the year at Burnet’s “Hoot ‘N Holler” on Friday. Rock’s Tiger Swim team won it all, including Invitational Champion awards for the Girls and Boys teams, and the Overall Champion trophy for DSHS. The six other schools competing were Hays, Kyle Lehman, Burnet, San Marcos, Wimberley, and Austin St. Michael’s.

The Tiger team racked up a combined team score of 1,146; the next closest combined team score was 569 points for San Marcos High School. Hays came in 3rd, Wimberley 4th, Kyle Lehman 5th, Austin St. Michael’s 6th, with Burnet placing 7th.

Coach Rock said the meet was a “strong indicator of things to come.” Here’s what else the new coach had to say about the team, her background, and her view of the future for Tiger Swim:


I lived in California my whole life, and wanted to try something new.  What’s the point of having wings if you don’t fly?  I moved here in February, and I love it so far!  Best decision of my life.  I have grown as a person in so many ways and am very happy in Texas.


I am an instructional aide at the middle school for the FOCUS program, working with behavior kids.  I am also the head boys & girls swim coach for the More…