Residents invited to share sustainable visions for the future Reply

     Residents, business and property owners, and anyone interested in the future of Dripping Springs are invited to take part in the Sustainable Places Project Visioning Workshop on Thursday, September 27, at 6:30 pm at Dripping Springs Middle School, 111 Tiger Lane, in the cafeteria.
     The SPP is an ambitious regional initiative to help Dripping Springs and other Central Texas cities create livable places that reflect community goals and values and that will thrive as the region continues to grow and change. The Visioning Workshop will feature interactive conversations about the choices faced by Dripping Springs and by Central Texas residents and business owners concerning housing, transportation, economic development, community health and vitality, the natural and cultural environment, and other relevant issues.
     In Dripping Springs, the SPP team is working with City staff and community stakeholders to explore future development scenarios for the historic downtown along Mercer Street and the adjoining properties in the future town center. The SPP is also asking participants to show their vision through photos that depict the kind of place they’d like Dripping Springs to become. We’re seeking two specific types of images:
• Dripping Springs now: Photos of places and things in Dripping Springs you’d like to preserve and protect
• Dripping Springs future: Photos of places and things (which can be from anywhere) that you’d like to see more of in Dripping Springs
     Submit photos via email to Chad Coburn at or by visiting Please indicate which images go with which of the two prompts listed above (“now” or “future”), and include any details about the images. Photos will be displayed online, as well as at SPP public events over the course of the coming year of the team’s work.
     Learn more about SPP-Dripping Springs at or by contacting the City of Dripping Springs at 512-858-4725, or by email (

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