NBA: San Antonio fans hang up their Spurs for the season Reply

by Jordan Gnipp, Texas Pro Sports blogger

After getting a lead on the Oklahoma City Thunder, 2-0 in a best of seven series in the Western Conference Finals – and riding a 20-game winning streak – the San Antonio Spurs looked dominant and poised to make another run at a title. Unfortunately for them, the Thunder played like they should, and swept the Spurs out of the playoffs by winning the series 4-2 in Game Six on Wednesday night.

Oklahoma’s Kevin Durant played like the scoring champ that he is and nailed the door shut on More…

Business owner profile: Meet Paul Meyertons and the “new” Print Plus Reply

Anyone who has lived around Dripping Springs for more than a year or two, likely has had occasion to go to the “old” Print Plus store at the corner of Bluff Street and Hwy 290 West, for any number of reasons: To buy school supplies, print flyers, make copies, design invitations, or create business cards for a new venture.

Paul Meyertons owns Print Plus in Dripping Springs, and B2B Copies in Lakeway.

These days, Print Plus IS the new venture, although the reasons to go there are mostly the same. What’s new is the location and the owner. Local resident Paul Meyertons bought Print Plus in November, 2011, from local resident and former owner, Pam Owens, then moved the store in December, to its current location at the corner of College Street and Hwy 290 West (in the shopping center where DanTay’s Gift Shop is located).

In his own words, Paul Meyertons describes what the transition has been like, what’s new, and what’s not so new about the “new” Print Plus store: More…